Luce Quilts

 Because handmade always has a story

Handmade Table Runner-- Orange, Red, Purple, Black--color and energy perfect to spark conversation. Patchwork used to match multiple placemats

Because handmade always has a story. 

I'm not surprised gift cards are now everyday. Up next? Our children perhaps will be exchanging cash--for holidays and birthdays. Gifts- like greeting cards--  are supposed to be personal. And at a time when online shopping has taken over--folks filling out Amazon orders while stopped at red lights--  I believe we need to buy locally and handmade whenever possible. A handmade gift insures the gift is not just something another can pick up. Handmade gifts come with a story-- the materials used, the person making them-- the reason the gift has been chosen out of so many options-- to convey a sentiment. I tell my stories at my booth-- the places I purchased little bits of fabric used, the reason I developed a particular product. I tell these stories-- so that they will be passed on to the recipient. Perhaps a giver of a table runner will explain-- it was the frustration of not having table runners to match a variety of table mats that began my process of making them patchwork. Perhaps a discussion will evolve of how bright colors can motivate discussion and energy-- needed for a dining room table! Someone carrying their iphone in one of my eye-glass cases-- might explain that the bag was intended to solve the problem I faced with my mother never finding her glasses. Why don't other people make cosmetic cases that are machine washable-- to truly wash out the goo! Maybe a landscape is just the thing someone needs to taken them away for moments. I encourage people to choose presents that will last-- that carry with them stories-- Buy Local, Buy Handmade.